Jones (27) is a rapper/producer/performer from Baltimore County, USA, who makes forward-thinking psychedelic rap music. Banging on electroacoustic, timbre-inspired, often found or borrowed sounds, he creates beautifully hypnotic beats coloring the in-betweens with all manner of looped wave, pluck, and hit. His low-slung delivery whispers word play that is a post-post-post stew of beat-esque salutations, observations of himself and you, memories, and acts of self-relating.

     "Jones Jones Jones" is the artist's first solo full-length and serves as crisp ducumentation of his head-nodding production style, strong lyrical content, and a wholly independent vocal cadence. Taking a cue from mass-producing visual artist Steve Keene, the disc's sleeves are spray-painted and screen-printed en masse using custom built easels; each is unique. The intense labor and tactileness provide an intimate experience of, and connection to, the piece for both audience and artist alike.

     The songs on this record are culled from a rich catalogue of frequently performed PA-friendly tunes beautifully documented by engineer Rob Girardi at Lord Baltimore.

exclusively on 12" LP